Friday, April 29, 2011

Arctic Ozone Layer Damage Severe

INILAH.COM, Vienna - The condition of the Arctic ozone layer is getting worse in this winter. This condition is caused by cold weather in the upper atmosphere. Like what?

At the end of March, 40% stratospheric ozone layer is damaged. The level of damage is increased from the previous range only 30%. As is known, the ozone layer protects humans from skin cancer.

But now, the layer was damaged by industrial pollution chemistry. As quoted by BBC News, the damage is the reaction of the stratosphere due to the cold conditions of chemical industry pollution.

Through the agreement of the United Nations Montreal Protocol, some banned chemicals are used because its existence can survive long in the atmosphere to tens of years. 1987 Montreal Protocol treaty banning the use of substances Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are widely used in refrigerators.

WMO presented this data in the event the annual European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna, Austria. Despite the cooling of the stratosphere is an annual event at the south pole, north pole picture is still not predictable.

"The level of damage to the ozone layer in the winter depending on meteorological conditions," said Secretary General of World Meteorogical Organization (WMO), Michel Jarraud.

Damage to the ozone layer in 2011 showed, people should be vigilant and aware of the situation north pole for some time to come, he added.

Damage to the ozone layer make harmful ultraviolet-B can go through the atmosphere. These rays cause skin cancer, cataracts, and damage to the immune system. WMO warned citizens of the world beware. [mor]

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